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It's an overwhelming theme. Here, from the current manuscript:. The veils have been lifted, drawn aside, so that we can see all the way to the edges and fates and origins of the universe itself. This has happened in the brief century just past. That is wrong. Everything has changed, everything is changing, everything will change. He was partly eaten… his stomach.


He wants the… lady to come help him. A little boy was leaving the domed area for a stairway. She stepped across two sprawled bodies and caught up to him. He gripped her hand with such force that she nearly pulled away in pain. Such desperation! He led her down four levels, never letting his nails stop digging in her hand, and they entered a cubby. It was Jeddin.

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She knew immediately that he was dead, but she had to make certain. She searched for a wisp of breath, a bit of heat — nothing. Ferdinand was missing. An anth! Before she could stop him, the child had picked it up. The anth had filled him, and his eyes widened, taking in this hideous place.

The World Called Tarnus, Part II - Excursions

This was not good. What could she do now? She knelt and took the boy by the shoulders. Here is something to help you forget, and to help you sleep. At least this would grant him some peace, until the anth began its work on him. Go to your bed and sleep, and forget all this. When you need to, you will remember.

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I watch sadly. The one feeding on his body finishes, and rises away through innerspace. Its own andro host-body returns to the waiting door of the ship, deep in the City, its polyphonic voices weaving pretty, sated patterns. When the Zashinhalh forget their flesh playthings in the dirt worlds, they hunt for me, and play with the gems of my songs, like the blue stone the andro stole.

The Consciousness of Reality | SpringerLink

The book "Out of Plato's Cave" is accompanied by a developing set of Excursions: detailed explorations of different topics mentioned in the book itself. An excerpt from that Excursion is posted on my own page:. Jeddin could not move or speak.

A shadowed and gaunt figure, seemingly an andro, looked down at him from a green doorway hovering in the cramped room, three of its voices softly humming counterpoint from the early works of Trezardin. Some sustenance. Paralyzed, he stared into huge faceted black eyes that nearly filled the orbs of their sockets. A bond fell away, and Jeddin could speak. Where did you come from? I do not make a habit of conversing at length with my meals. Gold carved through the manycolored thickets.

Big eyes, human form, hard skin, tentacles discreetly placed. Then we can ride some of them, and go less-noticed. This will teach you how dangerous they are. A flash of fire, and he opened his eyes in his body in the City, lying in the locked sleep-cubby just off the deserted Poly Town understreet. A pebble fell from his hand, clicking once on the stone floor. Beyond that time, it is closed to us. That should not be. The first wave of humans came here to Tarnus.

They understood brain physics. They entered our range of space and discovered us. To them, we were just enemies, and they hunted and killed many of us. So we reached back in time and terminated them. That saved our lives. A deeper voice joined in, heat-yellow. We are the Zashinhalh, the first thoughts of Arohsa! Do you support the outcasts and the Singer? Losing the thread of the words, he tried to raise a few feathers to become distracting flitters of light among the creatures, but the tendrils seemed to block his force of action.

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  4. He was trapped. A summons went out like the shock of clashing of steel. Jeddin waited, feeling around the slope with heightened senses, trying to stay undetected. The trees here anchored their monstrous roots in the soil and rock of the hillside, and every root, every stone and every clot of soil spoke to him in soft voices.

    Fascinated, Jeddin sifted his way amid blades of crooning grass, charmed by this babble of soft musics.

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    7. He came to an open space where the land was rifted by a streambed in which lay a profusion of deep-indigo sapphire pebbles glowing in a saturating orange aura. He stared; the stones throbbed, and he sensed veins and arteries of light pulsating within them, as if they lived.

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      They sang gently to him, holding him entranced. Unable to resist his own curiosity, he reached out and took one of the stones, drawing it to him and shrinking again to the murmuring earth. The dark stone, its depths utterly black, had an oddly ponderable feel, as if it held reality back in the world of the City. He drew it close, fondled it, and it pulsed and warmed to him.

      The steel summons was answered. From every radiant of the inward sky, the shining creatures came, in the thousands, to overpower the green hillside with white flame, their murmurs flaring pastel shadows. Awed, Jeddin recoiled, hiding once more. A glowing foot trod his link-point, and its owner jumped away, crying out amber.

      Jeddin buried himself with the link deeper in the cyber earth, clutching his newly-found dark stone. Now his senses came only from his earlier scattering of pale feathers. One extended a lengthening finger to probe the soil. Jeddin hastily slipped the link further down. A shorter figure spoke, rose-liquid. Floating in the innerspace sky, Jeddin thought, This is fun. Immobile, he waited as the birds flew again and again through his disguise.

      They knew something was there. Jeddin waited a little longer.