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How very pleasant it has been to work with you on this project. I couldn't agree more, books make the very best presents.

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In another part of Oxford, three women—a housecleaner, a schoolteacher, and a prostitute—are playing out a drama that has long been unfolding. Dexter writes with an urbanity and range of reference that is all his own. The Way Through the Woods. A year before, a stunning Swedish student disappeared from Oxfordshire, leaving behind a rucksack with her identification. As the lady was dishy, young, and traveling alone, the Thames Valley Police suspected foul play.

But without a body, and with precious few clues, the investigation ground to a halt. Not one to be left behind, Morse writes a letter of his own—and follows a twisting path through the Wytham Woods that leads to a most shocking murder. Jewel That Was Ours. Secret of Annexe 3.

But with pit-bull fervor he grabs the truth by the throat and shakes loose the bizarre secrets of a cold-blooded crime of passion. Riddle of the Third Mile. The evidence mounts; so do the bodies. So Morse downs another pint, unleashes his pit bull instincts, and solves a mystery that defies all logic.

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Colin Dexter and Morse are treasures of the genre. Dead of Jericho. They share a flirtation over their red wine. Then one day he just happens to be in Jericho, where Anne Scott lives. Only later does Morse learn that the lady was at home, just not alive. Service of All the Dead. He could have been vacationing in Greece instead of investigating a murder that the police have long since written off.

The Jewel That Was Ours - Wikipedia

I had actually resisted watching the Morse tv shows too but spied the box set of DVDs for a ridiculously cheap price a few months ago and have watched about 10 of the films so far and found them surprisingly to me watchable and intellecutally engaging. Hi there, thanks very much for the comments. On the other hand, the point of view is that is a middle aged man, inescapably so.

Fascinating — our choice of favourite books is completely different, for once. My out and out favourite is The Way Through The Woods, due to the very different opening half of the story, followed by The Riddle of the Third Mile, due to the revelation that is left to the last page. To be honest and keep it to yourself I actually prefer the Lewis TV show to the later Morse series — it may never reach the highs of Morse, but it also never gets anywhere near the lows.

I watched the entire series when I was just getting into detectives, and also read a handful of the novels.

They have faded considerably from my memory, but last year I bought a stack of them at a book fest for next to nothing. So consider me prepared in case this blog post of yours spawns a spurt of reviews. Hi TomCat, as always you should consider me ready and primed to be on the receiving end sic! What io particularly like is the fact that the TV and novels are such different animals and yet are inextricably linked — but I enjoy them separately and together, which is certainly unusual for me as I tend to find them blending together in these situations.

Really look forward to reading your reviews! I have watched some of the TV shows years ago and your post has re-ignited by interest so on-line shopping I go. I do find the books and the TV series to be something I can turn back to at every time and so far they have never lost their appeal — true perennials in the mystery firmament! I just find that it manages a pretty high standard, unlike its parent programme which could become alarmingly bad at times.

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Hello there, thanks very much for the comments. I started with Lewis first and graduated to Morse. But the way Thaw goes about it is unmistakable. His lingering glances are staple of many episodes but in some episodes they get more play.

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He more human and more interesting for that. One of the very smart things about the LEWIS spin-off, apart from the crucial rile of Hathaway, has been to see Lewis move a bit towards his old mentor has he grows older and he too suffers loss. A wonderful tribute to one of my favorite shows.

Inspector Morse S01 E03 Service Of All The Dead

I also adore the theme music. I was so fond of John Thaw as Morse that I found it difficult to watch him and accept him as anyone else. The last show in the series was very hard for me to watch.

Inspector Morse Mysteries

My favorite moment: When Lewis bends down to kiss the dead body of Morse. Just so touching.

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The first few were actually the best as later, from what I could gather, the production values which are what had me watching the show to begin with, sort of disappeared. Hello Yvette, thanks for the comments. Actually Daniel Boyle as you call him is the same Danny Boyle who directed Trainspotting Slumdog millionaire a fine director and writer. Hi Andrew, thanks for stopping by.