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4 of Our Favorite At-Home Rowers
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  4. An 8-Week Training Plan for the Beginner Rower

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Comfort is nearly always guaranteed since most products come with amenities like padded seats, textured handles and the likes. Indeed, realistically speaking, not many athletes will actually have the motivation to get back on the rower if their bodies are sore and aching. Therefore, remember to keep it slow at the beginning and gradually work up to a more intense workout.

A recommended workout for beginners is to start with around 10 minutes per day for one week if you usually lead a sedentary lifestyle or 30 minutes per day for people who have a slightly more active lifestyle.

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However, you can gradually start pushing yourself as from the third week. Most rowing machines come with varying degrees of intensity and resistance which you can adjust accordingly. Your entire body is working which will easily get your heart rate up and keep it there. This makes rowing extremely efficient at burning calories and shedding fat, since your whole body has to work — the entire time! Online Shopping - Bedding, Furniture, Electronics, Jewelry, Clothing & more

Rowers can also perform HIIT high intensity interval training workouts to incorporate anaerobic exercises into their routine as well! Being able to perform full body aerobic and anaerobic exercises is one of the main reasons people love using rowing machines! The ability to switch between aerobic and anaerobic workouts is also easy because most rowers come with adjustable or variable resistance.

The energy you preserve can then be used later to help complete the workout.

The Best Rowing Machine Workouts

Rowing is ideal for everyone but this makes a rowing machine even more beneficial. Especially for people with weak joints and people rehabilitating after surgery. High-impact activities such as playing sports that involve a great deal of running and jumping put a lot of stress on your joints and is weight bearing since you have to support the weight of your body.

So mix your workout up with a low-impact exercise like rowing! Now that we know a rowing machine provides a low impact full-body cardiovascular exercise, we need to know which exercises are the best!

Rowing Machine Tips for Pelvic Floor Safe Gym Exercises

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Concept2 never sells, rents or shares customer information. Blog Archives Authors Newsletter. By Concept2. Jul 02, The Workout: Alternate 40 seconds of hard rowing with 20 seconds of easy rowing for a total of 10 minutes.

An 8-Week Training Plan for the Beginner Rower

Cool down for 5 minutes after the workout. The Workout: Row one set of Tabata high intensity intervals: 8 x 20 seconds max effort, alternating with 10 seconds easy rowing. If you have more time, take a 2 minute break, then do a second set.