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Mt. Everest South Side

Into the Great Outdoors. Can You Survive? Interactive Survival Guides. Backyard Safari Adventure Gear. Essential Field Gear Cargo Vest. Narrow Results. Author Ryan Jacobson 1. Price Sale. Do you and your sister have what it takes to save yourselves from the mountain's many dangers? Or will your choices lead to a tragic ending? Put yourself in this adventure and find out!

Test your survival skills with outcomes affected by your decisions. Discover several endings to your climbing expedition.

Storm at the Summit of Mount Everest

Learn about the dangers of Acute Mountain Sickness. Enjoy a thrilling story by Ryan Jacobson and Deb Mercier that puts you in control. Help Centre. Track My Order.

Into Thin Air: Death on Everest (1997) Jon Krakauer - The Best Documentary Ever

My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Boukreev located the climbers and brought Pittman, Fox, and Madsen to safety. Boukreev had prioritized Pittman, Fox, and Madsen all of whom were from his Mountain Madness expedition over Namba from the Adventure Consultants expedition , who seemed close to death; he did not see Weathers also from the Adventure Consultants expedition.

He reported that Harris had reached the two men, but Hansen, who had been with him since the previous afternoon, was now "gone", and Harris was missing.

Storm at the Summit of Mount Everest: A Choose Your Path Book by Ryan Jacobson

Hall was not breathing bottled oxygen because his regulator was too choked with ice. By , Hall had fixed his oxygen mask but indicated that his frostbitten hands and feet were making it difficult to traverse the fixed ropes. Later in the afternoon, he radioed Base Camp, asking them to call his pregnant wife, Jan Arnold, on the satellite phone.

During this last communication, they chose a name for their unborn child, he reassured her that he was reasonably comfortable and told her, "Sleep well, my sweetheart. Please don't worry too much. His body was found on 23 May by Ed Viesturs and fellow mountaineers from the IMAX expedition , but was left there as requested by his wife, who said she thought he was "where he'd liked to have stayed". The bodies of Doug Hansen and Andy Harris have never been found.

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Viesturs stated in the IMAX film that upon finding Hall's body, he sat down and cried beside his friend. Meanwhile, Stuart Hutchison, a client on Hall's team who had turned around before the summit on 10 May, launched a second search for Weathers and Namba. He found both alive, but barely responsive and severely frostbitten, and in no condition to move.

After consulting with Lopsang he made the decision that they could not be saved by the hypoxic survivors at Camp IV nor evacuated in time, he left them for nature to take its course, which the other survivors soon agreed was the only choice.

Fler böcker av författarna

Later in the day however, Weathers regained consciousness and walked alone under his own power to the camp, surprising everyone there, though he was still suffering severe hypothermia and frostbite. Despite receiving oxygen and attempts to rewarm him, Weathers was practically abandoned again the next morning, 12 May, after a storm had collapsed his tent overnight, and the other survivors once again thought he had died.

Krakauer discovered he was still conscious when the survivors in Camp IV prepared to evacuate. Despite his worsening condition, Weathers found he could still move mostly under his own power. A rescue team mobilized, hopeful of getting Weathers down the mountain alive. Over the next two days, Weathers was ushered down to Camp II with the assistance of eight healthy climbers from various expeditions, and was evacuated by a daring, high-altitude helicopter rescue.

He survived and eventually recovered, but lost his nose, right hand, half his right forearm, and all the fingers on his left hand to frostbite. The climbing sherpas located Fischer and Gau on 11 May, but Fischer's condition had deteriorated so much that they were only able to give palliative care before rescuing Gau. Boukreev made a subsequent rescue attempt but found Fischer's frozen body at around Like Weathers, Gau was evacuated by helicopter.

Jon Krakauer has suggested that the use of bottled oxygen and commercial guides, who personally accompanied and took care of all pathmaking, equipment, and important decisions, allowed otherwise unqualified climbers to attempt to summit—leading to dangerous situations and more deaths. He does point out, however, that climbing Everest has always been a highly dangerous endeavour even before the guided tours, with one fatality for every four climbers who reach the summit.

He concludes that decisions made in such circumstances should not be strongly criticized by the general population, who have not experienced such conditions. Krakauer also elaborated on the statistical curiosities of fatality rates on Everest and how was "business as usual". Additionally, 12 climbers had died that season, and 84 had reached the summit. This is a ratio of 1 in 7—significantly less than the historical average before of 1 in 4. Since the fatality rates on Everest have dropped considerably, accounting for the volume of climbers in compared with previous years, was statistically a safer -than-average year.

The use and non-use of supplementary oxygen was the focus of much discussion and analysis after the disaster with a guide and a sardar both being criticized by Jon Krakauer for not using supplementary oxygen while performing guide duties. Both men gave detailed written explanations as to why they preferred not to use oxygen but both carried a bottle on the summit day that could be used if it was needed in an emergency or extraordinary situation.

The writer’s full ascent of ‘Everest’

There were several issues and problems surrounding radios and their use on summit day. Scott Fischer's sardar did not have a company issued radio, but did have a 'small yellow' radio that was owned by Sandy Pittman. Rob Hall's team also had an issue with a radio during a discussion over oxygen bottles that caused confusion. The following is a list of the other fatalities during the spring climbing season on Everest.

These deaths were not directly related to the storm or the events of the 10—11 May Everest disaster. The following fatalities occurred on Everest during the fall climbing season. In the epilogue to High Exposure , David Breashears describes encountering some of the bodies upon climbing Everest again, in May From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Events of 10—11 May , when eight people were caught in a blizzard and died on Mount Everest. The New York Times.