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The cards are strong and if you can retain your life total for that long, you may as well do something productive with it!

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Given that we have and are everything, and there's nothing we have to do, there are an infinite number of ways to experience this, not just the one way we may have chosen so far.

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According to the books, God recommends many economic and social changes if people want to make a more functional, adaptable, and sustainable world, it recommends that more attention should focus on the environment. The conversations also speak of reincarnation and the existence of life on other planets.

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In Walsch's first dialogue, God notes that "knowing" and "experiencing" oneself are different things. Before creation, there was only That-Which-Is, which cannot know or experience itself fully, without something it is not. It cannot know itself as love, since nothing exists but love. It cannot know itself as giving since nothing else exists to give to. It cannot experience itself in myriad ways because everything is one. This present creation then, in Walsch's viewpoint, is established by and within God, so that sentience can exist which does not directly remember its true nature as God.

Split into infinite forms, all life can live, experience, and recreate its nature as God, rather than just "know" itself as the creator in theory. It is essentially a game, entered into by agreement, to remember who and what we are and enjoy and create, knowing that ultimately there is no finish line that some will not reach, no understanding that is not without value, no act that does not add meaning to the future or for others.

Walsch claims that God says that we have a common interest in keeping the game going, for there is nothing else to do except to experience our existence and then experience more of it, to uncover deeper layers of truth and understanding.

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There are no external rules, because all experience is subjective, and is chosen. But within this, there are ways that it is stated and implied people will gradually come to see their thoughts, words, actions are either working or they are not working. A thing is either functional or dysfunctional , not right or wrong. These rememberings take place over "time" and can take hundreds and thousands of lifetimes. In the dialogue many philosophical ideas are presented that had already been advanced earlier by major Eastern and Western thinkers, but Walsch presents the information in language for modern readers and does not specifically cite any of these philosophers.

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Tishomingo Blues by Elmore Leonard A high diver witnesses a murder, the Mississippi mob and a Detroit drug ring edges southward, and it all culminates in a Civil War reenactment. So slick and it would make an amazing movie. Leroux was a popular mystery author in the early s.

Can we TRUST THE BIBLE as GOD'S WORD? - Video 2 - The Manuscripts

No more teasers — read it, and enjoy this majestic ride through space and time. OK, it is.

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A suspenseful and inspiring novel about man vs. It was a pure guilty pleasure and my definition of a great read. The characters, the storyline and mystery — even if you have seen the equally wonderful HBO adaptation — make this book nearly impossible to put down. Charcoal Joe by Walter Mosley This mystery, which is part of the Easy Rawlins series, focuses on art, friendship and storytelling.

I love the mysteries explored here and what the book says about life and relationships. Version Control by Dexter Palmer This novel treads a fine line between modern literature and science fiction, perfectly adapting the evocative prose and mystery of one and the excitement and uncertainty of the other. Set in Antarctica and part of a series, Ice Station is like a Hollywood action movie in a book.

If you like action flicks, you need to discover this book. Shelley explores the moral and societal dilemmas of scientific exploration and the ethics and responsibilities that stem from it. But it is true. To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis Willis is an expert at exploring speculative concepts through lovable, quirky characters. Here, her time-traveling Oxford University professors become embroiled in a Victorian-era farce of mistaken identity, temporal paradox and love.