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Then Jesus made a remarkable promise. I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things. He is our Leader, in charge of the sowing of Kingdom truth. Matthew As Head of the Christian congregation, he is responsible before Jehovah for this worldwide work. Jehovah has used them to convey divine pronouncements to humans.

Psalm This is especially true in connection with the spreading of the good news in our day. As if on a very conspicuous theater stage, we carry out our work in front of a heavenly audience. How can the practical advice at Ecclesiastes be applied to our evangelizing work? Hence, we do our best to spread seeds of Kingdom truth everywhere. The words of Ecclesiastes can be applied to our work.

In some respects, these publications are also like seeds that are spread everywhere. We do not know where they will have success.

Sometimes a publication may change hands before someone reads it. Jesus and the angels may even guide events in some instances to make this happen for the benefit of righthearted ones.

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Consider some experiences that illustrate how Jehovah can work out unexpected and wonderful results using literature that has been left with people. How was an old magazine instrumental in helping one family to come to know Jehovah? Shortly after moving in, Robert decided to install a bathroom underneath an enclosed flight of stairs. After removing several boards, he discovered that behind the wall, mice had stowed away shredded papers, empty walnut shells, and other debris. There, in the midst of it all, lay a copy of The Golden Age magazine. Robert was particularly interested in an article on the subject of raising children.

Robert and Lila began to study the Bible regularly with the Witnesses, and eventually they got baptized. They, in turn, sowed seeds of truth in their children and reaped bountifully. What moved a couple in Puerto Rico to develop an interest in the Bible? One day William visited a junkyard to purchase an item needed for a repair at home.

As he was leaving, he noticed a bright lime-green book lying in a large trash container. William took the book home and was thrilled to read about the difference between false and true religion.

Bestselling Series

Some months later they were baptized at the Divine Will International Assembly in In the other two instances, it is used as an analogy to faith. In all five cases, Jesus is specifically using the mustard seed to teach a spiritual concept, not a scientific one. Mark and Luke repeat the same parable with similar wording, though Luke leaves off the size of the seed. The seed of the Black Mustard plant Brassica nigra , the species found in present-day Israel, is approximately 1. There are many plants, such as begonias, petunias, and wormwoods, that, today, have smaller seeds.

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  • The smallest known seed, which belongs to a species of jewel orchid Anoectochilus imitans , measures a microscopic 0. This line of logic has several problems.

    Parable vs. History

    First, it assumes a uniformitarian past. Uniformitarianism, popularized by Charles Lyell, deeply influenced Charles Darwin. Lyell used it to promote an old age of the earth, while Darwin built his theory of evolution upon it. Uniformitarianism asserts that the processes observable in the present happened at the same rates in the same ways in the past. This claim is demonstrably false, particularly as it relates to flood geology.

    Regarding the mustard seed, however, the assumption is less obvious. Evolutionists are assuming that the seed sizes we observe in the present were the same in the past. It is quite possible that some or all of the plants with smaller seeds had yet to differentiate into the species we observe today. The jewel orchids, for example, might not have branched from the originally created orchid kind at the point Jesus made his statement. Even supposing these smaller seeds had branched from the orchid kind, the Jews would not have been familiar with them, so there would have been no point in Jesus citing them as an example.

    However, the roughly 2, years since Christ lived is certainly enough time for additional speciation to have occurred within the orchid kind, given the rapid rate of speciation. If speciation is rapid, then evolutionists cannot make uniformitarian assumptions.

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    Scattering Seed

    Ironically, even evolutionists admit that speciation can be rapid. Many studies have determined rapid rates of speciation in multiple life forms from algae to fish and mammals. As the body of Christ, we recognize Christ as our Head by believing in his word as the only authority in religion, by actively teaching the world about Christ and his kingdom, by encouraging and supporting other Christians, and by trying to provide for the spiritual needs of our fellow man. First, we must emphasize that the church of Christ does not create its own doctrine.

    Because all of our beliefs can be found within the pages of the Bible. The churches of Christ, however, seek to follow the teachings already set forth in the Bible. This simply means that honest hearts who heard the gospel were willing to obey it.