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On Sunday, one group went to the Ise Jingu shine, while another visited Kyoto. The Nishiki Market is a magical place with magical smells. Who knew a fish cake stuffed with octopus could taste so good? A third group visited a Japanese Onsen. There were so many different hot springs and mineral baths to choose from it felt like a spa amusement park. The Onsen was also a nice way to immerse ourselves into the Japanese culture and relax from all the company visits! I headed south to Hakone National Park, in search of good hiking and a view of Mt.

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I was lucky to find both, and discovered the wonderful mountain town of Miyanoshita along the way. It is no wonder Japan ranks 3 in the world for longevity the U. Vernal Equinox Day in Japan, a celebration of nature and living things.

Businesses were closed, which gave us a chance to enjoy some cultural activities led by Reiko. We visited a local market, made our own Okonomiyaki lunch, and visited Osaka Castle. Eight stories high, and built in , the castle contains much of the history of Osaka.

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Of course, the view from the top was enough to justify the visit, but it also gave me a chance to see the contrast between modern Japan and what it used to be from an architectural perspective. We finished the day with a visit to the Ashai brewery. True to both Japanese hospitality and efficiency, we were invited to sample three different pints for free, but had only 20 minutes to do so. We drank fast as multiple groups moved through the tour each hour, all running precisely on time.

We visited two Yamaha factories, one that builds motorcycles and another that builds pianos. We also saw their production lines where motorcycles moved through impeccably precise automated assembly lines, while other small batch motorcycles were build from the ground up by just two workers, both masters of their trade. The piano factory gave us a chance to see assembly line automation merged seamlessly with handmade craftsmanship. Michelle had a chance to play one of the pianos and said the experience was truly amazing. We returned to Tokyo for two last visits: one to Panasonic and one to Rakuten.

Panasonic shared with us their vision for smart cities, a vision they have already realized with their Fujiwasa Sustainable Smart Town of 1, homes outside of Tokyo. They showed us a model smart home, complete with an Artificial Intelligence personal assistant, mirrors that show you makeup and clothing suggestions, and refrigerators that plan meals. At Rakuten we saw a business model similar to U.

We shared Sake, relived favorite moments from the past 10 days, and shared plans for our last few days in the country.

As the official trip came to a close several of us headed off for a last round of adventures. Some headed to the mountains to soak in hot springs, some stayed in Tokyo, and I headed west to Hiroshima. Priyanka had organized a post-trip itinerary there and invited any interested folks to join.

From Hiroshima, we took a ferry to nearby Miyajima Island. We visited the famous floating shrine, walked through temples overlooking the sea, and met deer that had no fear of humans. We also took a cable car halfway to the summit of Mt. We also visited the atomic bomb memorial in Hiroshima—a sobering reminder of the destructive power of war.

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In visiting the museum, memorial, and atomic dome, it was inspiring to see how the city has moved forward. Hiroshima is now a global source of activism for peace and nuclear disarmament. None of the language or exhibits showed resentment toward America, only a desire to honor the ,plus victims of the bomb and a strong will to move forward toward building a better world in the future.

It was a whirlwind two weeks. Like most of my classmates, I had ridden over a dozen Shinkansen trains, traveling over 3, kilometers inside Japan in two weeks equivalent to road tripping from Miami to New York and back. Returning from the trip, I felt lucky for all the adventures we had. The experience was a blast, and the perspectives I gained will stay with me for some time.


Speakers 12222

Skip to main content. The course begins with a half semester of classroom study and culminates with a day trip to one or more business capitals. The club also has fetish and kink nights periodically to try and be more inclusive, these events are open to everyone. I feel that I try to be sensitive and caring to everyone. I just think it would be awesome to have an area where everyone can go and have a great, safe and open environment. My vision would be something something like Oasis in Toronto, but open to everyone, or at least open to all couples, with no bias on gender.

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Lunzenfichter receives Lifetime Achievement Award

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Much more than documents.

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