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  2. The Best Bits from the Secret Ava Gardner Conversations
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Ava Gardner Documentary

I loved the phrases she used when telling her stories--they were a real hoot! At least she never lost her sense of humor. Wonderful review! Thanks for participating in my summer reading challenge. I like how you compare this book with Sunset Blvd. Very interesting.

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I enjoyed reading this book especially because it was an insight into the memoir process involving a writer and a temperamental star. I wasn't even all that interested in Ava Gardner but was fascinated by her in this book! Nobody knows what is true and what is false about me anymore. I'm not sure that I know myself anymore.

Ava was not exactly tight lipped when she had a few drinks in her, and the stories she told had the aura of being her standard party modus operandi, a hint of crude humor with the intent of shocking her listener. In other words, the material she shares is not exclusively for him; rather it is a well-seasoned act. However, there is no substitute for witnessing firsthand Ava being Ava. The book captures the essence of Ava, a mixture of toughness and insecurity.

CRG's Silver Slipper

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The Best Bits from the Secret Ava Gardner Conversations

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Book review: Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations

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Room Greg Merritt. Love Life. Rob Lowe. By Myself and Then Some. After a screen test, she was signed to a seven-picture deal with MGM, and quickly became sought after by nearly every leading man in Hollywood. Gardner was 18 and innocent. After Rooney came Howard Hughes. But now Gardner was smoking three packs of Winstons a day and getting drunk constantly; she felt so intellectually insecure around her new husband that she finally took an IQ test. In she married Sinatra, who she later called the love of her life. They divorced in , but remained close for the rest of their lives, and when Gardner pulled out of completing her memoirs, Evans suspected that Sinatra gave her the money she would have gotten for the book.

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